The things I do, require intuition, flexibility and an eye for detail. I am definitely not a unicorn but When something new comes up I get the sense of it pretty quickly even when it is not directly related to my "profile". Once upon a time, early in my "graphics-only" days, I was asked to build a website based on a CMS nobody ever heard of with no plugins or documentation to help and for any custom feature I had to face SQL and Perl! Easy thing for a developer but for me it was the time to evolve.


Universal consciousness decided to manifest itself as Anastasios Pappas.


Fun fact, it's the 3rd year in primary school and being accused of having my mom doing my calligraphy homework for me was a big blow! I realised the concept of timing is an important one. Play dumb unless you can prove your skills :)


My first home computer and still undecided if I want to be an architect, a designer or a... geologist! I love natural phenomena but that "mystify" screensaver got me thinking, computers is a must!


High School is over!
Time to get serious and learn new stuff :)


Workshops at Berufsschulzentrum Glockenspitz (Krefeld, Germany) in collaboration with Delta Schools of Business and Technology for their European Partnership in practicing analysis and brainstorming, plate production and industrial printshop procedures.


It's official! OEEK certification was a success and now I can say I am a graphic designer.


Graphics Designer you say? Well not exactly...
New job as Web & User Interface Designer at Istos S.A. and keywords like HTML, CSS, JS, XML, XSLT become a part of my life.

In other news, some awards came in, a Honorable mention and Monthly Prize during the 9th Corel World Design Contest and 1st Prize in World Web Design Contest by IAAF!


Gold Ermis Award
in "Individual Sites" category.
That's something, right?


A long lasting business relationship with Likno Software begins. Still a Web & UI Designer but it's my first time dealing with desktop applications.

1st Prize in National Web Design Contest by IEK Akmi.


Open for business!
First time being a freelancer and offering a wide range of services like logos, business cards, social media material etc. Also providing full website design solutions for Wordpress including software installation, setup and themes/plugins customization.


C3 Media Ltd. ftw!
Delivering responsive layouts for e-commerce websites to be used as templates in Magento platform. 11 years and still counting...


Working for Special Tours Wholesalers Ltd., producing graphics, HTML and CSS for most of the and media including the redesign of the company's websites, static and dynamic flash banners, social media material, marketing campaigns etc.


Aneo & Aneo Wide font families!
My first attempt to create complete font families based on earlier customized characters. Free stuff is good :)